In 2018--thanks to you, our donors and patrons, we celebrated our long-anticipated $3.2 million Tower addition—with an elevator that provides ready access to all and enhancements to the building’s fire safety—the capstone of our Master Plan. Since 1962 the Engineering Society of Baltimore has been a conscientious steward of the Mansion, an architectural treasure epitomizing Baltimore’s 19th century grandeur and elegance. Wise preservation, maintenance, and modernization have refurbished the once dilapidated structure into the jewel it is today. 

The GJMEF Board of Trustees ensures the Mansion is open to the public--hosting fundraising events, concerts, lectures, film screenings, educational outreach efforts, and tours in partnership with our Resident Artists. GJMEF also leads capital fundraising and capital project management. With the help of many individuals, firms, corporations, foundations, and the State of Maryland, GJMEF has raised over $7 million since 1992. Every penny of this has gone into restoring and maintaining the Mansion. 

During Phase I of the Master Plan, completed in 2006, your donations funded enclosing the courtyard.  Phase 2 (still underway) calls for restoring the first floor rooms, returning them to the splendor envisioned by its distinguished architects Stanford White and John Russell Pope.  

Master Plan projects in the planning stages include: Marble Hall restoration ($200K), restoration of the Ballroom’s painted ceiling panels ($179K), and the Heritage Room & Tapestry Restoration Project ($1,000,000) and completion of a new Fire Protection and Life Safety Plan ($30,000.) Through its Friends of the Mansion program, GJMEF encourages donations, large and small, to help preserve the building for the future.  

The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion is more than just an artifact displaying a lavish lifestyle—it is a reminder of Baltimore’s storied past as an industrial powerhouse, the third largest city in the nation, an international shipping destination and financial center.  GJMEF works to ensure that this powerful symbol of Baltimore’s illustrious past remains an icon of Baltimore at its best.    

I hope you will make a tax-deductible contribution to the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion Endowment Fund, joining the many others who want to ensure that that this magnificent building continues to welcome the public both now and in the future.  

Yours truly,
Carl Eastwick, President

The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion Endowment Fund is an educational, non-profit 5011 (c) 3 organization.  We do not rent or sell our mailing list.  Financial information is available upon request by writing the Garrett-Jacobs Endowment Fund, 11 West Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD 21201 or calling 410-539-6914 or the Office of the Secretary of State (State House, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 or by calling 410-974-5521) for the cost of mailing and postage. 

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