The Engineering Society of Baltimore

Baltimore's Club for Professionals

The Engineers Society of Baltimore, founded by engineers and open to all professionals for over 60 years. Individuals and businesses of all sizes find our facilities and location ideal for hosting business gatherings and entertaining clients or prospective clients. On the social side, the ESB has many scheduled member events as well as regular dining options. Baltimore's landmark companies have a strong presence in the membership as well as the smaller business owners who appreciate the use of the Mansion as a footprint for doing business in the city in today's working environment. In addition to strong membership from Baltimore's engineering and business communities, the ESB's has a vibrant and growing group of young professionals, as well as the couples joining to host their weddings and help ensure the ESB's future.

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Garrett-Jacobs Mansion Preserving Baltimore's Premier Gilded Age Landmark

The mission of the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion Endowment Fund is to preserve and restore the Mansion as a National Historic Landmark and to share the history, architectural and civic legacy of the Mansion for the benefit and education of the public.

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Membership Building Relationships Through Memorable Experiences

The ESB, established in 1905, is one of Baltimore's oldest private city clubs and well known as the Engineers Club. The club draws together successful and aspiring professionals from all disciplines throughout the region to engage in business and social interaction. Located in the historic Garrett-Jacobs Mansion in the heart of Mt Vernon, our Club is ideal for entertaining, conducting business or socializing with other members. ESB members are proud to call the National Historic Landmark Garrett-Jacobs Mansion their clubhouse and actively participate in its long-standing commitment to the preservation and restoration of the Mansion.

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From the Gilded Age to Modern Times, The Engineers Club continues to be Baltimore's Premier Celebration Destination. Celebrate in unforgettable style in a venue that offers everything to exceed your expectations. The combination of elegantly appointed rooms and unique spaces, gourmet menus customized for every event, and outstanding staff that will be attentive to all your needs, makes The Engineers Club at the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion - your perfect choice!

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1904 Great Baltimore Fire

It started on Sunday morning, February 7, 1904, supposedly when a lighted cigarette was dropped through a grating in front of the John E. Hurst Company's warehouse. From the ashes of this disaster would spring the ESB.

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1905 Founding

The timing of Mr. Quick's original idea to form a professional organization of engineers was significant.

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Roads, Water, & Piers
1906 Roads, Water, & Piers

The newly formed society helps guide and shape Baltimore's rebuilding of it's Sewage & Water Treatment systems, acquisition of property on the harbor's waterfront, and widening and evening of its roads.

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Move to Arundel Club on West Eager Street
1912 Move to Arundel Club on West Eager Street

The Engineers Club moved from the Woman's Exchange to the Arundel Club on West Eager Street and defined its purpose.

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1921 Membership Growth

With 615 members a move to the Commerce Trust Building on the southeast corner of Light and Redwood streets was needed to accommodate the increased membership.

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Baltimore Engineer
1926 Baltimore Engineer

In 1926, a new publication, The Baltimore Engineer, was started.

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Move to Bixford Building
1932 Move to Bixford Building

Move to the Bickford Building at 6 West Fayette Street and prominent speakers for club members.

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World War II and the Engineers Club
1940s World War II and the Engineers Club

While the national depression left little work for engineers as the construction industry suffered, the advent of World War II had the opposite effect.

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1950s Plans for a New Headquarters

After its 50th anniversary, the Engineers Club had expanded to occupy three floors of the Bickford Building. It became obvious in 1956 that the club would have to move and the work began to find its new home.

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A New Lease
1961 A New Lease

As time was running out on its current home, the Engineers Club moved to lease a forgotten historic gem.

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Garrett Jacobs Mansion Purchase
1963 Garrett Jacobs Mansion Purchase

After seeing membership decline in its former home, the move to the Garrett Jacobs Mansion offered opportunities not previously explored.

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Membership Expansion and a New Name.
1965 Membership Expansion and a New Name.

In 1965, the Engineers Club moved to expand, changing its name and its bylaws to help attract more members.

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Heritage Dinner
1967 Heritage Dinner

In 1967, the first Heritage Dinner was given; which became an annual event. It was a black tie affair held in winter in the marble and mirrored dining room.

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Courtyard Rededicated
1974 Courtyard Rededicated

The courtyard, formerly the mansion's enclosed conservatory, was a major renovation project, completed in 1974.

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75th Anniversary
1980 75th Anniversary

The Engineers Club had over 1,100 members with more than seventy percent of whom were engineers or architects, as well as twenty-two associate societies—including the representatives of the basic chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering professions.

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Growth Struggles
1990s Growth Struggles

With member demographics shifting and maintenance costs increasing, the ESB looks to adapt and move forward. The Garrett Jacobs Mansion Endowment Fund is founded and the Fire Ball begins.

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Expansion of the Kitchen and Third Floor Renovations.
2000 Expansion of the Kitchen and Third Floor Renovations.

With a growing emphasis on the food and beverage operations, an expanded kitchen and kitchen support systems were moved to the Main Level. And a new tenant help renovate former servants quarters on the third floor.

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Centennial Celebration
2005 Centennial Celebration

The party began with the 2004 Baltimore Monument Lighting, the celebration and continued right through the 2005 Monument Lighting.

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Pandemic Impact & Vision for the Future
2020 Pandemic Impact & Vision for the Future

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the ESB refocuses on the member experience and its roots in the engineering community to ensure its future.

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