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Founded in 1992 by The Engineering Society of Baltimore (ESB), the mission of The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion Endowment Fund (GJMEF) is to preserve and restore the Mansion as a National Historic Landmark and to share the history, architectural and civic legacy of the Mansion for the benefit and education of the public. The Board of Trustees takes an active role in assuring the mission is fulfilled with hands-on planning and execution of the annual lecture series, three major fundraisers, the concert series for small performing arts groups and educational outreach events. The Endowment Fund also leads capital fundraising and capital project management. The annual operating budget provides that all of the net operating income is transferred to the capital fund with operating expenses kept to a minimum. Every dollar raised for the capital fund from direct solicitation is spent on improvements, preservation and restoration of the Mansion.

ESB and GJMEF have been conscientious stewards of the Garrett-Jacobs legacy, taking ownership of the vacant and deteriorating mansion from the City of Baltimore in 1962, after its near demolition in the late 1950s, for $155,000 with the proviso that the Society would preserve and restore it. As promised, it is being preserved as the best representation of Mount Vernon’s 19th century architectural legacy; it is a contributing structure to the Mount Vernon Place Historic District, a National Historic Landmark and an anchor of the West Park. Since the creation of the GJMEF in 1992, over eight million dollars has been raised and spent on improvements and preservation. Funding sources include Club members, supporters of historic preservation, Baltimore companies, private and public grants and annual fundraisers.

We launched our capital campaign in December 2015 with a mailing to Club members knowing that they have been strong supporters of our efforts in two previous campaigns and that the work to be done cannot be accomplished without their active participation as donors. We are off to a good start but need every member to make a commitment that is in keeping with their personal financial ability and reflective of their enthusiasm for the planned improvements. The goals for this campaign:

Preservation of the Mansion – $ 2.5 Million (Historic Rooms, Façade and Roof)
Improvement to the Mansion – $2.0 Million (Vertical Addition)
Endowment for the Mansion – $1.0 Million (Dedicated to Maintenance)

Can we count on your help and support? A pledge card is attached to this link. Complete the card and return with your regular remittance to show you want to an important part of the work that needs to be done.

J Austin Bitner
Executive Director

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