Advisory Council

The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion Advisory Council brings together museum professionals, historians, educators, architects, preservationists and Mt. Vernon institutions and residents to assist the Mansionís Board of Trustees. Its mission is to develop ideas for opening the Mansionís facilities, history and architectural significance to increased public view and participation and to raise its visibility as an exceptional landmark of Baltimoreís heritage. The Council will suggest interpretive programs that will help visitors visualize and understand the people, places and events that occurred in and near the Mansion that contributed to 19th century Baltimoreís Gilded Age of economic and cultural development.

  • James Abbott
  • Jeffrey Buchheit
  • John Carroll Byrnes
  • J. Joseph Clarke, Jr.
  • James D. Dilts
  • Charles B. Duff
  • James Garrett
  • Eva Higgins
  • Lance Humphries
  • Henry Johnson
  • Lisa Keir
  • Leslie King-Hammond
  • Zippy Larson
  • Bernadette Low, PhD
  • Jane McConnell
  • Travers Nelson
  • Walter Schamu
  • Andrew Van Styn
  • Gary Vikan
  • Courtney B. Wilson
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