The Consul by Menotti

Event Date: Sunday, November 24, 2019
Event Time: 3:00 pm
Event Category: Artists in Residence

imgThe Consul
by Gian Carlo Menotti
Friday, November 22 | 7:30pm 
Sunday, November 24 | 3pm 
Tickets $27.50 to $71.50 
Pre-Concert Dining available


"Your name is a number, your story's a case." Gian-Carlo Menotti's The Consul touches on issues of fascism, political resistance, and immigration bureaucracy that are every bit as relevant today as when the work premiered in 1950. Magda Sorel's husband John has been wounded by the police and has fled the country as a dissident, and Magda finds herself at the consulate, trying in vain to obtain a visa to leave the country. As Magda becomes increasingly exasperated with the "papers, papers, papers" and the consul's failure to appear, Magda passionately exclaims that the day will come when "neither ink nor seal shall cage our souls." The Consul, which earned Menotti a Pulitzer Prize for Music, speaks across the decades to current debates about borders and refugees with stunning clarity. Members receive 10% Off on the BCO website Email J at for the discount code.

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