The Flying Dutchman by Richard Wagner

Event Date: Sunday, March 3, 2019
Event Time: 3:00 pm 
Event Category: Artists in Residence

imgThe Flying Dutchman
By Richard Wagner
Friday, March 1| 7:30pm
Sunday, March 3 | 3pm
Tickets $27.50/$38.50/$49.50/$60.50/$71.50
Pre-Concert Dining available

Wagner arrives at the BCO! At the tender age of 26, Wagner was already beginning to reach the height of his compositional powers (he would follow this opera with Tannhauser and Lohengrin). Based on Heinrich Heine's retelling of the legend, The Flying Dutchman is the story of a sea captain in a ghostly vessel cursed to sail forever for blasphemy, who can only be redeemed by the love of a faithful woman. Every seven years, the Dutchman is cast ashore in search of a wife who will release him from his curse. The sea captain Daland, enticed by promises of gold, offers the hand of his daughter Senta. Senta falls in love with the mysterious stranger, but their hopes are dashed when his identity is revealed. Senta's faithfulness is ultimately the Dutchman's salvation, but through her death rather than her love. Engineers Club Members receive 10% Off on the BCO website Email J at for the discount code.

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