Your Ceremony & Reception

Creating a ceremony experience that reflects the unique love between the two of you; with just the right ambiance, is the goal the staff at The Engineer's Club strives to deliver to every couple.

On your initial visit, you will have the opportunity to walk through the Mansion and explore the various options. Available is an enclosed atrium that allows the stars to be seen overhead for an evening wedding, a parlor with its floor-to-ceiling windows and gilded woodwork, a library with a distinctive fireplace, and a grand ballroom with its magnificent, ornate architectural elements, along with several smaller rooms that serve as pre-wedding suites for your attendants.

There are distinctive choices available when it comes to creating your menu. Your food will be elegantly presented and thoroughly enjoyed by all of your guests. Today's dietary restrictions and requirements are understood and will be considered during the planning process.

When your wedding day is here, and you are ready to say your "I dos", celebrate, and party. You will be at ease, knowing from the minute your guests arrive, to the moment the musicians play the first notes and you make your grand entrance, every detail will be overseen and taken care of. A team of expert professionals that offer impeccably refined service, will provide you and your guests an amazing experience.


You both have spent countless hours putting together your wedding. Now is the time to gather your closest family and friends and do a "run-through" of the ceremony.

Wedding rehearsals are not mandatory, but they go a long way in helping everyone involved become familiar with the space and feel comfortable with what is expected, and what their role entails, at the time of the actual ceremony. The wedding rehearsal should be quick and easy. Possibly your wedding officiant or your wedding planner can guide everyone through the nuances of the processional and recessional. The Engineers Club always has an expert event manager that can offer you the guidance you need, as well as a strong understanding of all the nuances and variations for LGBTQ couples, different religions, cultures, and local customs. Cueing people when to start and where to stand all play a part in a successful rehearsal. Everyone will want to get through this quickly so they can get on to the dinner!

After your rehearsal, move into a beautiful private place of your choosing at the club and start off the festivities with a fabulous meal created just for you and your guests. Avoid changing venues, adjusting your parking, and losing time that could be spent with the two families and your wedding party getting to know one another, toasting, laughing, and enjoying the evening. The rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner all in one place, truly permit everyone to become comfortable in the space and ready for the main event

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