Desired Category of Membership: Professional Society Express Membership (PSXM)

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Qualifications for Membership Category: Express Professional Society Membership (PSXM)

Membership in this Associate Society of the Club is required for the tenure of my Club Membership in the Express PSM category.

By submitting my application, I hereby apply for membership in the classification of Express Professional Society Member and affirm that statements in this application are correct and agree that I will be governed by the House Rules and Bylaws as long as my membership shall continue. I further agree to promote the aims of The Engineers Club as far as shall be within my power. The undersigned grants permission to the Club to use images and likeness in promotional materials at the Club's direction. Finally, by submitting my application, I hereby grant permission for The Engineers Club to access my credit report. A $90 quarterly activity minimum is required for all individual members unless otherwise stated in The Engineers Club Bylaws.

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